Our Story

Every city, initiative, company and project has a story that needs to be told. But amid the noise and the clutter and misperceptions, it’s easy for you and your audience to lose sight of your vision. Lynchpin Ideas will help you discover it, update it or even refine it so that it reflects where you are today … and where you need to be tomorrow. From shaping your brand to executing the projects that deliver it, we’ll help you connect with your audience. Every time.

Lynchpin Ideas is a WBE-certified advertising, branding and communications firm, founded in 2010. We’re located on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri and are proud supporters of KC Streetcar, the local arts scene, live music and Taco Tuesdays.

That’s our story… now let us tell yours.

Lynchpin Clients

Laura Lynch

Owner, Chief Creative Strategist
Big Idea Girl

Laura Lynch brings a 30-year background in advertising and communications to her role as leader of Lynchpin Ideas. Her thing? Developing ideas, strategies and tactics to define brands, convey concepts and get results. Laura knows the secret to connecting people with audiences in a way that sticks, and vise-versa.

Laura began her creative career as a copywriter, then quickly grew into the role of director/writer/producer, associate creative director, and served as Vice President-Creative Director/Strategist of a Kansas City communications firm before starting Lynchpin Ideas in 2010. Along the way, Laura learned that if she drilled down to the WHY and HOW of every project, the ideas she created would be really effective — and really good. Today, Laura develops big ideas for municipalities, organizations and companies big and small, all across the country.

Laura currently serves on the marketing advisory committee of the KC Streetcar. Her professional awards include national and local Addy awards, and several trade-specific awards in accounting, agriculture, healthcare, financial and city government. When she isn’t at work making stuff up for a living, she is making music or playing guitar somewhere for loose change.


Our Services

Lynchpin Ideas specializes in big-picture ideas, brand and creative strategy, and creative execution for municipalities, organizations, companies and nonprofits. Our goal is to build a lasting relationship with you, and then help you do the same with your audience.

Need a clearer message, a more structured brand voice or a new creative approach? Check. Want an updated identity package and new marketing communications tools? Covered. A video to compel your audience? Done. How about a new website or digital, print and broadcast campaign? Right in our wheelhouse.