KC Smart Sewer

In 2016, Lynchpin Ideas was retained to help make a significant yet complicated infrastructure program easy for residents to understand. Job one was to address the name, the descriptive but complexly titled “Overflow Control Program.” We began by giving the entire program a simple and approachable look and feel. Today, awareness of the KC Smart Sewer continues to grow community wide, as the brand appears on public meeting materials, digital media, promotional materials, job site signs, video and even workers’ vests. We are proud to help frame and support the ongoing communications efforts in a way that reflects the innovation, necessity and scope of this $4.5 billion project — the largest infrastructure investment in Kansas City’s history.

National Beef

In late 2017, Lynchpin Ideas was hired to help National Beef address an employment void in their plants across the nation. More than 7,000 employees are needed to bring National Beef products to America’s table, and the company needed help finding and retaining the very best candidates. We followed our insight-gathering methodology and discovered that those employees who remained on the job more than one year typically stayed for many years, and referred others … because there exists in every plant a true family atmosphere. We created a marketing campaign to tap into that truth, and launched tactics from print to video, digital, social and landing page content — and have been spreading the word and helping National Beef fill and retain jobs ever since. Today our scope of work has grown to include corporate communications tactics from thinking to execution.

Alert KC (

Lynchpin Ideas was awarded the opportunity to brand, a public alert service available to all cities, as a Kansas City, Missouri-specific program. The goal was to increase public awareness and participation, as well as communicate what this free service provides, including weather alerts, a new service the City recently added. To share this story, Lynchpin Ideas created the program logo and tagline, shaped key messages and developed mass advertising materials including print ads, flyers, billboards, transit advertising, digital advertising and a public service video.




Pioneer Services

Lynchpin Ideas has provided brand strategy and creative services to this leading provider of financial services to the military since we opened our doors in 2010. Founded in 1985, Pioneer Services is the most highly regarded military-friendly lender in the industry but was getting lost amid the noise made by faceless online companies and misperceptions about military lenders in general. With their stellar reputation and proven loyalty to supporting the military community, Pioneer Services had a good story to tell: We simply helped them put it on the flag and raise it high above the rest. Today, we continue to support their print, direct and digital advertising needs.



City of Riverside, Missouri

Stewarding a brand guided by owner Laura Lynch in 2008, Lynchpin Ideas has been sharing the story of the City of Riverside since 2011. Situated just north of Missouri River outside Kansas City, this small yet progressive community leverages its communications tools to maintain its relevancy in the market. Our firm provides brand and creative services on initiatives including the City’s newsletter and annual Progress Report, economic development, trail signage, infographics and more.

“Keeping people informed is one of the basic responsibilities of government. Whether it is in our monthly newsletter, annual report, or a targeted campaign Lynchpin Ideas helps us deliver the message in a concise, understandable and professionally delivered way.”
– Gregory P. Mills, Former City Administrator, City of Riverside, Missouri


City of Raymore, Missouri

In 2015, Lynchpin Ideas began working with the City of Raymore, a southern suburb of Kansas City, on a variety of communications projects. In 2016, we became agency of record and launched a rebranding initiative for this tight-knit, growing community whose history dates to 1871. Working closely with City influencers and citizen advisors, we developed a new brand that reflects both the City’s proud history and evolving identity. Today that brand can be seen in all city communications, on vehicles, signage and more. Lynchpin Ideas creates Raymore’s Review, its quarterly newsletter and parks and recreation program guide, along with other communications materials.

“From the beginning, I knew I could trust Lynchpin Ideas’ process and creativity. Their efforts gave us a rebranding that was bold, unique and offered everyone something to be excited about. Their creative approach was not about telling us what to do, but rather listening to our residents and giving us a brand that creatively reflected what made us unique as a community.”
Mike Ekey, Communications Director, City of Raymore, Missouri