It’s not what we think, but what our clients think that counts. Check out what a few of our favorite people have to say about what we do. Read more on our LinkedIn page.

Mike Ekey, Communications Director, City of Raymore, Missouri

From the beginning, I knew I could trust Lynchpin Ideas’s process and creativity. Their efforts gave us a rebranding that was bold, unique and offered everyone something to be excited about. Their creative approach was not about telling us what to do, but rather listening to our residents and giving us a brand that creatively reflected what made us unique as a community.

Gregory P. Mills, Former City Administrator, City of Riverside, Missouri

Keeping people informed is one of the basic responsibilities of government.  Whether it is in our monthly newsletter, annual report, or a targeted campaign Lynchpin Ideas helps us deliver the message in a concise, understandable and professionally delivered way.

Meagan Feling, (Formerly with Kansas City Symphony) Relocation Counselor, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate | Kansas City Homes

Laura is a great creative resource. She understands how to coordinate messages and multiple media to construct a brand. Whether planning an entire campaign or writing a catchy line, Laura has the skills and energy to help her clients achieve their goals.

Teri Rogers, President/CEO T2 Studios

I have worked with Laura in a creative capacity for more than 10 years. If I ever need a production to “come to life” in a unique and imaginative way, she is my first call. Ours is a relationship built on mutual respect and trust. It just keeps working…

Jonathan Harrison, CFP®, Vice President of Giver Services National Christian Foundation-Heartland

Laura’s work is full of insight and creativity. Beyond being excellent at what she does (and always on time), she is fun to work with!

Denise Crossen, Benefits Communications at Lockton

I think “creative director” is too limiting where Laura is concerned, because her strengths extend far beyond creativity. She is one of the most strategic thinkers I’ve met and when I’m faced with a communications challenge, there’s no one else I’d rather have on my team to help me solve it.

Brandi Bobo, Brand Communications Manager Ply Gem Siding Group

Lynchpin Ideas has become a key partner for Variform and other Ply Gem brands when it comes to branding and creating engaging content for our customers. Lynchpin Ideas has helped Variform create a brand voice and execute this voice throughout various mediums. Variform relies heavily on the creativity and expertise of Lynchpin Ideas for developing content that is fresh, meaningful and tells a story. Laura and her team are really good at digging in on projects and taking the time to research and truly understand your business. I appreciate the great work they have done for Variform and look forward to many more projects!