Who Do You Need 10 More of? … and More to Ponder About a Recruitment Campaign

COVID-19 has disrupted business as we know it. But amid the shifts and challenges, one thing remains the same: Your organization’s greatest asset is its people. Especially those you consider your best and brightest. You appreciate them for their work ethic and love them for their loyalty. But … how the heck do you find more just like them? A well-devised recruitment campaign is a great start, and make sure it says much more than just “Now Hiring” by pondering the following questions.

Who Are You, as an Employer?
You could find the perfect potential hire on paper, but if they don’t mesh with your company’s brand, values and culture, you won’t be happy … and neither will they. Ask yourself, “If my company was a person, how would I describe them?”

Who Do People Think You Are?
Do a deep dive on your reputation. It’s as easy as looking at your company profile on sites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn to learn what, if any, negative or incorrect perceptions are out there. If you see them, your candidates do, too. The right campaign can help correct and even overcome misperceptions.

Who Do You Need 10 More Of?
In preparing to cast out your net, think about who exactly you’re fishing for. An increase in applicants means nothing if they’re not the right applicants. Create a profile of your ideal candidate with input from supervisors, human resources — and maybe even your star employees themselves.

How Can You Connect With Your Ideal Candidate?
Don’t think of it as talking to every potential candidate: think of it as talking only to the ones you hope will respond. If this sounds a lot like marketing, that’s because it is. You’ve got to pitch your company to your candidates with the same care as you do to your customers. After all, there is more to your company than “have we have a job for you!” or “we’ll pay you well.”

It Doesn’t End With “You’re Hired”
Find ways to bring that brand into your internal communication materials — use the same voice when you speak to employees that hooked them when they were just applicants. Never stop reminding them why they chose to work here and most important, why they should stay.


Blog Post by communications specialist Abby Beck