Should I change my logo?

We know how it is: you’ve had the same logo for the last five years. It works. There’s nothing wrong with it. But, like your favorite t-shirt, you’re a little “over it” and find yourself asking: Is it time for a change?

Like your shirt, it may be time for an update if:

  • it no longer fits (your mission)
  • no longer showcases your best assets
  • or hopelessly out of date-trendy (“I’m With Stupid,” anyone?)

If you read those bullets and said, yep, that sounds just like my company or City or program or product’s logo…then yes, it may be time for a change. Or at least a refresh. That might mean a new color update, because everyone is tired of blue and maroon is very 80’s. Or it may mean an updated font that works on your big sign or your small app icon (you thought about that, right?). Maybe it’s just time for a refresh because leadership changed, the mission has been refined, or something substantial shifted and you need to start a positive conversation about it.

A new or refreshed logo can do all of those things.

But what if you did NOT nod your head to any of those three bullets? Well then, don’t throw out the logo because you’re personally tired of it. Doing so always indicates that something has changed. And if it hasn’t, you’re sparking an unnecessary conversation. So if the T-shirt, e.g. logo still fits, reflects your mission well and wasn’t influenced by some long-gone design trend, then stick with it.

So while you may be over your logo, unless it’s just “wrong” for the reasons outlined here, chances are it should stick around, just like your favorite T. Otherwise, your clients may get confused … and become “over you” instead. Eeesh.