5 Bits of Wisdom for Young Creatives

What do I wish I knew when I started in my career that I do now? Plenty. But here are 5 things that might help you sidestep a bit of stress:

People who have no writing talent not only think they can write, they think they can do it better than you. Thanks, synonym.com

People who have no design abilities will think they know how to make what you’ve created a little better.

Account people that think hard about strategy and give you what you need to creatively solve the client’s problem are few and far between. When you meet one, stay in touch. For life.

Your job is to seek out everything you need (e.g., strategy, background) so you can do the job. If the account person doesn’t give it to you, go find it yourself.

You’ll never be 100% satisfied with your work. If you are, you’re a narcissist and should transfer to PR. Kidding.