What is “Enough?”

The word “enough,” it’s been said, holds a different meaning for everyone. Enough food to eat. Enough money to pay your bills. Enough coats for the kids when it turns cold.

“Enough” applies to business too — and everyone has their own idea of what it is. Enough new business in the hopper. Enough referrals coming in. Enough attention. Enough attraction.

That got me to thinking about acquiring new clients. How many constitutes “enough?” Is it a magical number to attain a financial goal? To get it, would you keep a client whom you couldn’t serve well, and vise versa, just to keep them? Or would you let them go, trust the flow and open yourself up to more business from your best clients?

The way I look at it, tempting as it is to say “yes,” when business knocks at your door, if you free the clients you know in your heart are not the best fit, they’ll find their way to a company who is. And that in turn will open you up to getting more from your best clients, or perhaps to discovering a new “best” client. It may even free you up to help a nonprofit, or take a seat on the board of some organization that matters to you.

Either way, it opens the door to something more. A new “best.” And that’s enough for me.