Independence Day (for your brand)

“We want our voice to be like Apple’s.”
O. M. G.

Please, please whatever you do – if you’re working with a firm to reload your brand, do NOT tell them this.

Frankly … you cannot be Apple. There is already an Apple and they do really well at being Apple. In fact they are the masters of Planet Apple.

OK but … you admire them. Envy them. Would love to have some of that magic. But you can’t be Apple. But you can think like Apple.

Start by considering how they became Apple. They thought about the audience they wanted to attract – and only them. They focused on the kind of product they wanted to make. Then they told this audience about it, in a way they could relate to. Apple didn’t compromise their message to be safe or secure. And they sure didn’t “borrow” it from any other brand. They decided to declare their independence from the status quo and do their own thing.

So when it’s time to create or refine your brand voice, proclaim your independence from what other brands are doing. Be original. It’s the best possible way to declare your brand’s relevance.